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Rick Johnson, Ph.D.



Our mission is to empower individuals, groups, and organizations to improve their leadership effectiveness, teamwork, and organizational health through personalized assessment, support, and intervention.


Initial Assessment and Discovery Meeting:  A member of our team will conduct an initial, no-cost discovery meeting to assess the scope of the needs and to determine if we are the best match to address the issues.

Organizational Consultation: Organizational consultation begins with a thorough needs assessment, including impediments to effectiveness and success. Typical areas of focus include individual leadership skills, leadership team cohesion, and organizational culture and structure. The comprehensive needs assessment leads to specific recommendations for building on strengths and addressing challenges. Interventions could include individual coaching, team building, group facilitation, and specific trainings and presentations (e.g., stress reduction, diversity training, communication, interpersonal effectiveness, and leadership).   

Executive Coaching: Coaching typically occurs in a one-on-one format and focuses on supporting founders, owners, executives, and various organizational leaders and managers to develop and optimize their administrative and leadership skills. As with all our services, a personalized needs assessment and intervention plan is collaboratively developed, which identifies barriers to success (e.g., ADHD, difficulties with focus and/or follow-through, anxiety, skill deficits, etc.) and provides the shared direction for the coaching.

Leadership Team Building: Team building typically occurs at an off-site retreat with the leadership team. After a needs assessment is conducted, we will develop and facilitate the leadership retreat as well as follow-up interventions to increase team cohesion, address and remedy impediments to effectiveness, and support organizational health.


Our services are available on an hourly, fee-based, and monthly retainer basis, depending on the needs.